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"More than a simple fitness accessory"

Our first idea was to offer a simple aesthetic to practice sport at work. Nymphea grew out from this concept to become an elegant fitness accessory, harmonious enough to fit in perfectly in an office. The exercises which can be realised (sit-ups, strengthening...) allow you to decrease stress at work and offer a nice take-off to the user.

To fit in even more, Nymphea's leaves work as sound isolators, enabling a visual and acoustic separation between working spaces. With its organics curves, outlined with a touch of aluminium, Nymphea lives out to be a modern sculpture dedicated to relaxation and well-being.


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Nymphea dimensions

+Product dimensions

  • Height: 140 cm
  • Width: 87 cm
  • Depth: 36.5 cm

  • Height: 55 1/8"
  • Width: 34 ¼
  • Depth: 14 ¼"

How To

How does Nymphea works ? Check out these exercices

  • Core training

    Exercises lower back and abdominal muscles.

    This typical fitness exercise will benefit your entire abdominal area with an emphasis placed on the upper region. By squeezing the metal feet between your legs, your calf muscles will also be strengthened.

    Model 1
  • Weight training

    Exercises the muscles of the forearm, biceps, triceps and shoulder.

    Strength training focuses on using lighter weights through many repetitions. Carrying out exercises with these relatively low weight dumbells avoids traumatic effort for the joints and tendons. A non-slip baize handle, provides users with a comfortable and ergonomic use.

    Model 2
  • Balance training

    Sheathing abdominal, lower back and buttocks.

    Stability training focuses on alignment and posture. Hands on both sides of the body to maintain balance, you can use this module as an aerobic warm up.

    Model 3
  • Model 1
  • Model 2
  • Model 3

The team

We made this product for you, now discover who we are

The team
Jean-Baptiste Haag


"It is by sowing objectives throughout your life that you can hope to see roots grow, each root being an experience."
Born in Lyon, Mejane Bertrand has been studying in L'École de design Nantes Atlantique for 3 years. She wishes to continue her studies in Shanghai, doing a master's degree in two years. She sees this as a chance to reach out to a new culture and sharpen her senses. This experience in the toy company Smoby gave her an international vision and she was able to carry out her competencies on a larger scale. Design is for her a chance to create moments, settings, objects which carry meaning, mobility, sharing and conviviality.

Jean-Baptiste Haag

Jean-Baptiste HAAG

For Jean-Baptiste, who had always looked for a way to bring together his passion for creation with a technical profession, the path towards the Product Design option at L'Ecole de design Nantes Atlantique was only natural. This progressively brought him to think about social design, and user centered objects. Into all kinds of DIY, he consider contact with materials to be essential. He particularly enjoys molding, and feeling curves and lines appear as he is working, modeling being an important stage for him in any project. Next september, he will leave for India for 2 years to finish his studies. He sees this as a chance to take in a whole new set of experiences, encounters, surprises and competencies that will enrich his personality.

Jean-Baptiste Haag


Aesthete and contemplative by nature, Marie approached creativeness when she was very young by taking art lessons and was initiated to subjects such as architecture, design or history of art. From those years of proximity with the arts, she draws an interest for puzzling concepts and atypical universes. She chose the Product Design branch at L'École de design Nantes Atlantique to put her curiosity at good use in a concrete and tangible discipline. Conceiving products with beautiful design and pure lines serving original concepts is the goal she aims at in all her projects. This main concern in her work does not exclude the user, which remains at the centre of all her creations.

Jean-Baptiste Haag


Third year student at L'École de design Nantes Atlantique, Alizée's calling for design started a long time ago: after 8 years of artistic creation lessons and history of art, she chose to specialize in Product Design in 2009. She acquired more technique in plastic arts, while taking in influences which will soon become models for her. "I believe that as creatives, we must not limit our field of investigation to product design ; by constantly learning from everything around us, we will be able to imagine objects which fit the real needs of individuals."Alizee is heading towards a master's degree program in Shanghai, where she hopes to develop new means of expression and create objects with always more meaning.


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